WEEK 49, Day 6, Saturday, 8 December 2018


Observations from today’s readings and today’s S-WOD, Saturday, 8 December 18:

1. Obadiah 1:3 — “The pride of your heart has deceived you.” Pride is most deceptive.

2. Obadiah 1:8 — “Will I not on that day, declares the LORD, destroy the wise men out of Edom,‎” Man’s wisdom is foolishness in God’s eyes and will be destroyed. True wisdom comes only from God.

3. Obadiah 1:12 — “But do not gloat over the day of your brother in the day of his misfortune; do not rejoice over the people of Judah in the day of their ruin; do not boast in the day of distress.‎” If you gloat over the misfortune of your enemies, your heart is not right, and you are not being faithful to your mission of reconciliation.

4. Obadiah 1:15 — “As you have done, it shall be done to you; your deeds shall return on your own head.‎” God will treat you the way you treat others. Do you forgive others the way you want God to forgive you?

5. Proverbs 8:8 – “All the words of my mouth are righteous; there is nothing twisted or crooked in them.” All the teachings of men are twisted and crooked in some way. Only God’s word can be trusted completely. God is the Creator of Ethics (unchanging truths and justice), while mankind creates “morals” (from the word mores, which means the commonly accepted ways of the populace, not what is right in God’s eyes but what is accepted. Morals are always changing like shifting sands as fickle people drift in a sea of social influences. Likewise, God is the Creator of Principles (unchanging truth about how the Created order works, wisdom), while mankind creates “values” (distorted perceptions of how things work based upon our extremely limited human perceptions and ideas passed along from one imperfect mortal to another. Time and time again, God warns us not to lean on our own understanding but to trust His word, even if it doesn’t seem to agree with our current understanding, our values and morals.

6. Proverbs 8:13 – “The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil.” If you are comfortable with or tolerant of evil, you are distant from God.

7. Proverbs 8:17 – “I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me.”

– You cannot approach God casually or complacently. Love requires diligent effort.

– All relationships are two-way. Your character will be revealed in your closest relationships, first and foremost by your relationship with God.

8. Proverbs 8:33-36 – “Hear instruction and be wise, and do not neglect it. Blessed is the one who listens to me, watching daily at my gates, waiting beside my doors. For whoever finds me finds life and obtains favor from the Lord, but he who fails to find me injures himself; all who hate me love death.” Again, wisdom comes only from God, received through obedience to God’s word. Life and blessings are found in obedience; death and destruction come from disobedience.

9. Psalm 143:5 – “I remember the days of old; I meditate on all that you have done; I ponder the work of your hands.” When your faith is weak, meditate upon all the ways God has demonstrated His faithfulness to you, and pray earnestly to Him. He is always faithful.

10. Psalm 143:9-10 — “Deliver me from my enemies, O LORD! I have fled to you for refuge. Teach me to do your will, for you are my God! Let your good Spirit lead me on level ground!‎” Key to getting through life’s challenges is drawing closer to God and obeying Him. Don’t focus on your enemy or on the problem, focus on Jesus.

“Cross” Fit S-WOD (Spiritual Workout of the Day) – 8 Dec 18: Show your love for Jesus today by your faithful obedience.

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